The "Life is Beautiful" List

Inspired by Nicole and Maggie I have put together a life list called the "Life is Beautiful" list, because it really is and I want to be a part of it both experiencing life and contributing to it. My list may change as my priorities and views of life change but here are some of the things I want to do one day:
  • Touch snow
  • Visit Palm Springs to see the mid modern architecture
  • Finish my Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration
  • Watch Robert perform in a school concert
  • Take my partner away on an amazing holiday
  • Launch my interior design/decoration business and website
  • Attend Alt Summit
  • Visit my parent's villages in Greece again but this time with Robert
  • Play the piano (again)
  • Teach Robert to play the piano
  • Design a range of fabrics
  • Publish a book
  • Contribute to a magazine
  • Buy an old Kombi and travel across Australia
  • Visit Ayers Rock
  • Have another baby
  • Hold a workshop
  • Learn to whistle a song
  • Host five charity tea parties (So far I have held two. This is one of them.)
  • Open a bricks and mortar store
  • Visit all Australian states and territories
  • Display my collection of "No Parking" sign photographs
  • Speak at an event
  • Travel on a plane with Robert
  • Take Robert to his first day of kindergarden
  • Contribute to my local community
  • Make a signature dessert
  • Live simply for 1 year, including buying no new clothes or items for the home
  • Grow a communal vegetable garden for the neighbours that live on my street
  • Live in a warehouse I have renovated
  • Go camping
  • Move closer to the city
  • Learn my mother's Greek recipes
  • Contribute positively to the world through design
  • Visit an Anthropologie store
  • Renovate the bathroom
  • Build a cubby house for Robert
  • Work in Japan


  1. If you make it to Palm Springs you must stay in the Viceroy hotel. All Kelly Wearstler interiors. We were there in March and loved chilling by the retro Viceroy pool. It was lovely going for early morning walks to discover all the mid century houses. This one was for sale while we were there and looked fab: http://www.jeunitedrealty.com/listing/811-n-rose-ave-palm-springs-s681651

    1. The Viceroy looks amazing Kristine. Lucky you staying there. I would also love to stay/visit the Parker. And WOW that house!

  2. what a great idea, seems more achievable if its put in writing. I hope you get to do all these things, from reading your blog it looks like you are well on your way.
    Thanks for the inspiration


  3. I also was inspired by Maggie and Nicole and set up my own Life List. Have fun and good luck ticking things off your own Life List...

  4. Great idea Viv. I found a goals list of mine from many years ago and it was so cool to see I could cross many off. It's time I did another one too.

  5. Love your list Viv. I'm a big fan of making lists and writing things down in black and white :)

  6. I am writing such a list every year in December. Than I hide the envelope with the list on a place in my room where I hardly ever go to.
    And than in next December I open the envelope and cross the goals off I accomplish. It is everytime a wonderful feeling!
    And if you write your goals down, they'll sink in! It's true :)


  7. This is a seriously inspiring, creative and beautiful list. Wow - I'm in awe.

  8. I love your list! Enjoy crossing things off — it feels really good.

  9. love this idea - who doesn't love a good list?

  10. Anthropology in London was a big disappointment ... I love the ones in US ....

  11. I like the idea of making a list of everything I dream of doing. It makes it more of a plan or a scheduled appointment for the future rather than just a mere dream :)


  12. Viv, I love that you put in "my list may change". No point in not being able to change it. Else you're stuck doing something you once thought was a great idea but you actually don't really want to do it/ feel like it anymore. Priorities and views change.
    Good luck on your list. Love the photograph you used.

  13. I've been a long-time follower of your blog and this is the first time I've commented (I think). I've been doing quite a bit of reflection lately on what I want to accomplish in life to make it more fulfilling for myself and I love your idea of making a list and crossing it off!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! Give the list a try. It really helps to motivate you to do things. I just crossed off the first item. Exciting!

  14. Wow Viv, that's an amazing list. It's been years since I made one of these lists, and you've given me inspiration to start one again. Thanks. I hope you achieve all your dreams. Sharon

  15. I am big on lists, but I like the idea of hiding it and then updating and crossing things off annually.

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