Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Goodbye, tree

Last winter, the largest tree in our backyard dropped its leaves. We thought it was a seasonal change and the leaves would return when the weather warmed up but it never did. Turns out our beloved native has died and has become a bit of a hazard with large branches falling off almost daily. We have had to keep Robbie from playing in the garden until we have it removed.

An arborist checked it out and he thinks it may have been hit by lightning. Trees usually die very slowly and a quick death could mean it has been burnt. Our council has approved its removal and it will be cut down tomorrow. Sad to see this beautiful tree gone!
The council conditions for tree removal is that we plant two Australian native plants in our garden. Do you have any recommendations for what we should plant in this shady part of the garden?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Picked from the garden

I like decorating the house with flowers but it can get expensive to buy fresh bunches often. Instead I have been looking in our own garden for flowers and greenery to decorate with.

One of the previous owners of our house was a very passionate gardener. A neighbour told me she used to provide advice to the council for trees to line the streets and she loved natives the most. Because of this, our home is surrounded with banksias, wattles and eucalyptus trees.

So I took this planter and instead of building a terrarium for now I thought it would be nice to use to make my own arrangement using a combination of her natives and flowers that I haven't killed yet. The cubes are oriented in different directions which gives the arrangement some interest and it is quite large which I like. Disclaimer: It doesn't hold water well though which is annoying so I will need to grab some foam bricks later today. Most of the greenery should survive okay without water. The hydrangeas are doomed though.

Friday, November 21, 2014


Last night I was invited to the first birthday celebration for Shuk - a North Bondi cafe / bakery / deli which is inspired by the central marketplace in Israel known as The Shuk. David joined me and it was one of our first date nights back home and nice to relax outdoors with a cocktail and some nibbles in the warmth of the Sydney sun. The cafe commands a corner position with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and a lovely selection of fresh breads and bagels for sale.

There aren't many opportunities these days to wear a clutch which I picked up in Rome earlier this year. It isn't practical to use when out and about with young children and it felt different to only have to slip my mobile phone and keys into it and off we went. I kept thinking I had forgotten something but no I really didn't need to carry anything else.

+ Dress: Sheike | Clutch: From Rome | Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana |  Shoes: KK

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Balos Bay

Time for just the two of us is a rare occasion these days and this special trip to Balos Bay was one of them. David and I didn't realise at the time what we would be in for. The trip involved a long car ride through some of the tightest heart-stopping cliff side roads and then an hour or so trek on a rocky path to reach one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Of course I was dressed completely wrong and my feet ached from stepping on all the little rocks - if there is ever a next time I will definitely wear more comfortable walking shoes!

The magnificent view through the hillside though speaks for itself. The sun set halfway down and we wanted to save some daylight for the trip home so although we did not make it to the beach we are so glad we took the journey to here. A memory we will never forget.

Balos Bay, you are beautiful.






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