Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chair project - complete!

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the progress of a chair transformation project I have been working on for a school assessment. I painted the outer curve in a wood wash and then found it didn't look so great and I showed you photos of it looking all sad. Here is how the chair looks today and please read on to find out more about my choices in materials:

One of the interesting parts of my studies is that we are guided to begin with an initial concept and to work the idea through to create a design we may not have otherwise considered. It stretches us to think differently rather than simply choosing this paint colour + that fabric and done! Not that there is anything wrong with that of course as we all have personal preferences of what we like, but I have found the process of preparing a concept board has helped to not only guide and strengthen my ideas but to also communicate them to others.
The inspiration for this chair originated from a banana leaf. Random, I know! Or maybe not so random. So for this project I chose to create a two-toned effect for the timber using a beautiful black stain called Palm Beach Black from Porter's Paints (it is one of my most favourite paints to work with at the moment!) and a white Dulux paint for the outer curve that was sanded back roughly. The seat was covered in a leaf fabric by SixHands. I realise this was an obvious choice based on the original inspiration but I was also looking for an excuse to use this gorgeous fabric.
It has been fun "doing up" another one of these chairs. Most of all though I have enjoyed the process of thinking through my choices of materials, experimenting with finishes and relating it back to the original idea. I have no doubt that if another person was given this same concept to work from their chair would turn out very differently.

PS. I'm presenting this project tonight - wish me luck!






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