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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Illuminated letters and signage by Fromage La Rue



Fromage La Rue specialise in handmade illuminated letters and signage and are located here in Sydney. I am happy to have come across their work after seeing their large letters at a media event.

Design duo Sarah and Kane describe their work as "rough around the edges, it's a response to our overly digital world, a change to product something with our hands, rather than a keyboard, and to incorporate imperfections that surrounds us everyday that we try not to see."

You may have already seen their work in the past. Their "BLAM!" signage hit the runway during Australia Fashion Week at the Romance Was Born fashion show. Check out the homepage of the Romance Was Born website - so cool!

I asked Sarah a few questions.

How did you meet and where did the idea for Fromage La Rue originate from?

Kane and I met in Sydney in 1999. Kane is originally from Dunedin, New Zealand. We married in 2003 near Queenstown and have two children, aged 6 and 3. We live in Sydney's Inner West and love the fabulous food, cultural diversity and vibrancy this area offers.

What has been one of your most enjoyable projects to work on?

Anything for interior stylists and their projects are always fun, we've worked with Vanessa Colyer Tay and Hard To Find to create an exclusive Petite Vegas Star. We also produced all the props for their launch event. We made giant versions just for the event. The result was so satisfying! 
We also made a 2 metre tall Ampersand for an exhibition at HeMadeSheMade in Darlinghurst named "Who shot the serif". That was challenging and fun. We love working with Cool Edie's on their bespoke projects as well. We did some interesting stuff for the new Gowings bar QT Hotel. We like working on oversized briefs. It's always interesting to see people's reactions to scale.

Your products are handmade. Tell us a little about the process.

The process is fairly exhaustive; a typical large Vegas Boneyard takes about a week to produce. We cut multiple layers of wood, and paint and sand by hand. We wire and test the lights and finish off our work with a distressed/vintage feel. Our work is meant to be a bit distressed and not quite perfect. There's a lot of overly sanitised design around and our work is kind of rebelling against that! Kane also runs a 3D architectural/illustration business called Lucid Metal so we balance production between the two businesses.

What are your plans for the business in the new year?

We'd like to introduce a new range with a new-look font, and start looking at working with neon. Love a bit of neon!

"The process is fairly exhaustive; a typical large Vegas Boneyard takes about a week to produce."
- Sarah, Fromague La Rue

Visit Fromage La Rue on Facebook and their website.







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