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Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 Days Before Christmas: Day 5 with The Happy Home

Over the next 12 days leading up to Christmas I have invited friends and people I am inspired by to share a few words. Today is Day 5.

She is a freelance writer, author of The Happy Home blog, contributor to Kidspot, queen crafter and mum of three. How she does it all, I have no idea! Her blog is full of beautiful craft ideas, creative projects to do with kids and all things related to creating a lovely happy home. Her blog is one of the first I read and loved (before The Happy Home she was the author of a blog called renovate+decorate) and I became hooked on all her decorating projects. It has been fun following Belinda's journey over the years and she is as inspiring as she is lovely.
I asked Belinda:

What are some simple craft / decoration projects you might suggest we try for this holiday season?

I love handmade touches at any time, but especially at Christmas! It just makes the holiday feel less commercial and a little more thoughtful. Just as you wouldn't (or shouldn't!) decorate your home by buying up big in just one store, a happy-feeling Christmassy space looks best with decorations collected over time or created with loved ones - stories and memories fill some of my baubles, my angel and childhood Christmas sack. This year, I'll be making all three kids little stockings and I hope when they're older they'll feel all the love that went into each stitch (and no doubt frustrations and curses that come when I sew!!!). Even if your decorations don't last longer than one Christmas, making them each year is part of the fun - I love sitting with my kids and making things, even if they're just cutting the sticky tape or pasting with the glue. I'm also big on using what you have at home already. And if you look closely, you'll see that you actually have a heap of different things in your kitchen and desk drawers you can use to create beautiful decorations. You might have to spend a couple of dollars on a few things like foam hoops or balls or glitter if you don't have them lying around already, but generally, anything can be used. I've even used toilet paper rolls before! Here are 5 cheap and cheerful suggestions I've done in the past that cost practically nothing and one I'm dying to try this year.

Add a little bit of nature to your space

You don't have to hang ornaments just on a Christmas tree! I wrapped this branch in muslin and hung it on the wall above our couch then wound some fairy lights around the branches. It's up all year round, but looks particularly pretty at Christmas time with a select few ornaments hanging from it. The paper chain is our advent calendar - each paper ring has a (badly) rhyming treasure hunt on it for the kids. We're still debating whether or not to get a real Christmas tree this year, or just stand this one up in a pot instead!

Book page wreath

Seriously, a store in Sydney sells these for $250. I bought a $2 foam wreath and that was it! It took a couple of hours, but worth it, I think!

Glitter vases

Temporary sparkle for your Christmas table - a bit of glue and glitter can transform jam jars, vases or drinking glasses into glam table settings. And by soaking them in hot, soapy water, they'll easily go back to being their normal selves.

Hanging lantern centrepiece

Hang your table centrepiece to free up space on the table - this one is so light it can be taped to the ceiling with masking tape. Why so light? They're made from toilet paper rolls!!

Doily snowflakes

I loved the look of these last year so am going to make some more this year - maybe hang them in front of the window this time. They're so easy to make and quite effective, if I do say so myself!
I'm going to try...

These simple brass tack balls. Aren't they pretty? They look like sequins and I'm very much in love with sparkle and gold at the moment.

Belinda, thank you SO much!
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