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Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Days Before Christmas: Day 3 with fatmumslim

Over the next 12 days leading up to Christmas I have invited friends and people I am inspired by to share a few words. Today is Day 3.

Chantelle is also a Sydney girl, social media editor for Kidspot and writer of fatmumslim. If you haven't visited fatmumslim as yet I encourage you to do so. Chantelle writes about the ups and downs of life, recipes, her family and her little girl. Her writing is like poetry. Her photography is beautiful.

I asked Chantelle:

What are some ways you stay {almost} stress-free and sane during the silly season:

1. Don't sweat the small stuff
Last week my daughter, Lacey, decided that Christmas was over and she'd take down our tree {quite an easy feat, it's no monster} and un-decorate it. Like most trouble toddlers create, this occurred while I was on a work call. Instead of stressing, I took photos and laughed. I'm hoping the tree magically redecorate it's self before Christmas.

2. Pitch in!
Whether you're hosting Christmas yourself, or heading somewhere else - offer to help out or ask others to bring something. It's so much easier to share the load and it's deliciously surprising to try friend's dishes at the dinner table. Hot tip: Offer to bring a salad, bread rolls or an easy dessert. Don't make it difficult for yourself by offering to make tiny towered canap├ęs with expensive ingredients.

3. Go Kris Kringle
About 10 years ago my family started Kris Kringle for buying gifts. We throw all of our names in a hat and we buy $100 worth of gifts for the person we pick out. It takes the stress out of shopping, and doesn't break the bank. It saves time, money and stress - and means less clutter too {less unwanted gifts from family}.

4. Be prepared
There's nothing worse than getting a phone call from a dear friend to say they're dropping by with your Christmas gift … and you haven't got anything to give them in return. Before December rolls around do a handful of things: buy your Christmas cards, get some beautiful wrap and sticky-tape and most of all … get baking. Make an array of beautiful biscuits, but don't bake them. Once mixed freeze them so that you can pull them out and bake them quickly for guests that pop around. Presented in a beautiful box with ribbon and you'll look like you were super organised.

5. Write lists, lists, and more lists!
I'm a list lover so Christmas time is pure joy for me. Write lists for gifts, lists for parties you'll be attending, lists for catering, and to-do lists as well.

6. Shop online
Ditch the crowds this Christmas and shop online. You can find most of your favourite stores have an online shop now, and if not you can probably find a good alternative. Around this time of year there are great bargains online as well as many stores offering free shipping. I love Book Depository, eBay {for new gifts}, etsy, Typo, Kikki-K and ASOS.

7. Get tech-savvy
This year I'm getting with the times and not hand-writing our Christmas cards. I've found an app called Red Stamp that allows me to make beautiful Christmas cards {using photos if that's your thing, or not if it's not} so I can email, text or Facebook my friends to wish them a great Christmas. So that I don't feel like I'm completely taking the easy way out, I can personalise each card much like I would with a handwritten card. Win!

Chantelle, thank you so much!

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