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Monday, July 13, 2009

What I've learnt lately

In the past few days I've learnt a few things:

1. Wallpaper and vapourisers don't mix

Vapourisers produce steam. Steam is used to remove wallpaper. I'm sure you can you see where I'm going with this. Lucky for us we used the vapouriser in my son's room for one night before realising the two don't mix. A corner of the wallpaper has peeled away but it's easily fixable.

2. MasterChef makes me want to be a creative cook

I was thinking about Greek food after watching MasterChef last night and in particular a meal my mum makes with capsicums, tomatoes and potatoes stuffed with a mince mixture. I thought, if you can stuff capsicums, tomatoes and potatoes what else can you stuff? I looked in the fridge and saw a parsnip. I was very close to giving it a go but I had to remind myself that I'm no Poh and I have no idea what I'm doing so I put the parsnip down.

3. I'm sometimes too honest

I ate out for lunch today. As I waited for my meal to be prepared a man nearby struck up a conversation with me. After a bit of chit-chat he asked if I would like to join him for lunch. My response? I told him I wanted to read the newspaper. That's right - I told this nice man that I would prefer to read the paper than talk with him. How rude!

Admittedly, I was never going to have lunch with him but surely I could have responded with something a little more polite? My response however was the absolute truth. As a mum, it's so hard to find the time to read the paper and I cherish the few minutes I do have to myself.

So on that note, I'm going to hang my head in shame and get back to collecting all the snotty tissues scattered around the house. It seems my son has passed on his cold to me and we've successfully passed it on to my husband. Lots of fun to be had in our household!

(Image of a corner of my home. It's not related to the post but it sure beats posting a photo of a vapouriser, a parsnip or the newspaper. I haven't yet read the magazine but I bet you already guessed that.)







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