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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tour of Cadrys Traditional and Contemporary Showrooms

Cadrys Traditional Showroom - On the wall: Antique Persian Tabriz (circa 1930). On the floor: Antique Khotan (circa 1930). Rug on the loom is a Hashan design.

I have been meaning to visit Cadrys for a while now and was reminded of their beautiful collection when I spotted one of their rugs at The Aparttment opening. David, Robbie and I headed into Edgecliff to meet with Jared Cadry and to see their stunning collection for ourselves. We were given the most in-depth and informative tour of both the Cadrys classic collection and their new collection at the Contemporary Cadrys showroom. Let me tell you, this family-owned business sure knows their stuff. Their passion is clear and somewhat addictive!

Vintage Turkish Kars woven in Southern Turkey (Kars Region), circa 1950

On the wall: Antique Persian Tabriz. On the floor: Vintage Suzani Textile cushion and Vintage Turkish Kars rug.

Antique Persian Zeigler woven in Arak, circa 1880

Cadrys was established in 1952 by Jacques Cadry who came from a family that had been dealing with rugs in Iran since the 1800's. Jacques passed on his passion and knowledge to his sons Edward and Robert and that same passion has now been passed onto his grandsons Mark, Ari and Jared.

It was amazing to see their team rolling out rug after rug, while its history was explained and we were allowed to touch and explore each piece. Some of the rugs we looked at were upwards of $40,000 and works of art! Years of labour can go into some of the pieces and the detail and handmade craftsmanship is what makes them special. Jared explained to us that many of the rugs purchased by customers are passed down within their families. They are definitely meant to be held onto for years. Some of the handwoven rugs that we saw dating back to 1880 but I still found many of them very relevant to interiors today. Their aged appearance and beautiful wash of colours and pattern can be really stunning in a contemporary setting.
Antique Persian Kerman woven in Kerman, circa 1940

Antique North West Persian woven in NW Persia, Kurdish Region, circa 1920

Antique Dabir Kashan woven in Kashan, circa 1890

I photographed many of the classic pieces you see here before we headed across the street to the Contemporary Cadrys showroom. I ask Jared about the bold colour of the exterior and he explained the blue colour is a traditional colour referred to as Isfahan Blue (I believe the name refers to the stunning blue domes of the mosques in Isfahan).

Designer: Jan Kath // Collection: Erased Classic // Design: Roma Vendetta

Top: Honeycomb by Florence Broadhurst // Bottom: Moroccan Style Rug woven in Afghanistan

Designer: Jan Kath // Collection: Classic // Design: Skulls. Woven at 300 knots to the square inch, using cashmere, pashmina and silk

Many of the contemporary rugs reference the classics with the designs being given a modern interpretation. Also interesting fact: The skull pattern which you see above is what Beyonce ordered for her home!

If you are in the area I recommend popping in to take a look at the collection. Photos simply don't do the rugs the justice they deserve and you really need to feel the product and see the detail to truly appreciate them. A big thank you to the Cadrys family and team for taking us through your showrooms!

Designer: Jan Kath // Collection: Erased Heritage // Design: Tabriz, Canal Stomped. Woven in Turkey by the renowned weavers of Woven Legends

Cadrys Traditional Showroom - On the wall: Antique Persian Tabriz (circa 1930). On the floor: Antique Khotan (circa 1930). Rug on the loom is a Hashan design.

+ Cadrys Traditional Showroom - 133 New South Head Road, Edgecliff
+ Cadrys Contemporary Showroom - 498 Glenmore Road, Edgecliff
+ www.cadrys.com.au







PO BOX 42220