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Monday, December 12, 2011

Creative Space: Brad Robson

One of my most favourite experiences is seeing where creative people work - their creative space. They have a soul that can't be replicated and provide an insight into the creative mind and process which I love to see.

I recently visited the home of artist and illustrator Brad Robson and he kindly allowed me to share his work and space with you. These photographs were taken by my friend Emily Sephton of No Chemistry. I loved seeing his paintings stacked in the corner, an easel waiting for its next painting and the many layers of dried paint. Spaces like these inspire me.

Brad's street art style has graced the walls of The Hive bar in Erskineville and the SBS STVDIO office. He has also created designs for album covers, skateboards, surf boards and more recently he has been working on a new collection of paintings which you can see here. I asked Brad a few questions.

What is your earliest creative memory and how long have you been an artist?

I remember my father sketching me a picture of 2 boxers fighting, I remember getting so excited when the picture starting taking shape, I just couldn't stop giggling with excitement! I still haven't found anything in life that inspires or excites me as much as a new image. I've been an artist all my life but the last 5 years in particular have been a lot more focused on refining my style.

What are your favourite mediums?

I tend to paint with acrylic when painting on canvas. I love inks on paper, black and white with splash of colour.

What has been your most exciting moment as an artist?

I'd have to say doing the residency in NYC this past June. It gave me a real sense of confidence and opened my eyes to the abundance of art that exists, especially in NYC.

What do you do if you have a creative block?

I don't try and push things if I'm not feeling it. I've learnt to follow my instinct, especially over the past couple of years. If I'm not feeling something, I leave it and start something else.

You describe your art as 'upside down, inside out and back to front'. Tell us a little more about what you are trying to convey through your art?

I guess I try my best to create my own unique worlds, characters and landscapes. I start at point A, and end at point B. What happens in between, I don't really know but it's safe to say it's surreal and unconventional, in a way.

What's next?

I'm currently working towards my first REAL exhibition which I plan on having early next year. After this I'll be travelling to Berlin in June for another residency. I plan on continuing to explore myself as an artist and develop myself as a person (well it's all the same thing
really). Oh, and I plan on focusing on my large scale mural work too, plastering my mark on walls all over the world.

Artist: Brad Robson
Photography: No Chemistry







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