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Thursday, March 31, 2011

L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival: Offsite Runway + Fashion Friday

Hands down, my favourite LMFF runway show was the last show I saw - the Offsite Runway held at Penthouse Mouse on closing night. Penthouse Mouse turned an unused wharf shed at Docklands into an event space to showcase independent Australian designers. This is also where people came to celebrate the final evening with live music and drinks from the temporary setup.

Walking the length of the wharf to get to the shed and then finding it full of people, music, fashion it felt as though I had been invited to a secret party. For a split second I almost felt 'cool'. The runway setup was amazing - snow covered the floor of the room and fell from the ceiling during the show and overturned buckets were used as seating.

Designers featured included:

Alexi Freeman
Leonard Street
Livia Arena
One Fell Swoop

One Fell Swoop opened the show with a beautiful neutral collection of soft flowing, feminine dresses. The combination of midnight blue and black and white stripes as seen in Alexi Freeman's collection made me weak at the knees and I am still coveting the leggings with cutouts all the way down the leg from Livia Arena.

On a non-fashion related note, I want the soundtrack to the show. See a snippet of the opening here (and please excuse the shakiness and the heads.. oh dear).

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shop Tour: Chapel St Bazaar

If you are new to Melbourne then Chapel Street is one place you need to tick off your list of things to do. Strolling the length of the street will take you a good hour or longer if you are like me and you tend to duck into every second store you see.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A radio review (+ some thoughts)

I still have a little more to share from my Melbourne trip but wanted to take a break to tell you that ish and chi was recently reviewed on the radio here in Sydney! (click to download and listen)

In addition to being OVER THE MOON that this little corner of the Internet was talked about, it also brought to my attention something I hadn't realised I was doing. In the segment, blog reviewer Jennifer Reid refers to my blog as a 'keepsake' for Robert and my writing is 'keeping a record of all the memories for her little boy'. So lovely to think of my blog in that way.

Since September 2008, this home has changed along with the changes in our lives. Robert and I have created memories in this old house and it is great to have this visual / written diary to capture it all in and to share with you.

I sometimes wonder what Robert may think one day looking back at the photos of his childhood home captured in these photographs , of seeing him grow along with it and of the memories created here. Makes me think a home is just a shell for a whole bunch of fabulousness within.

One reason why I love old homes is for the memories and history they have. Have you ever renovated a home and pealed back the layers of the walls to reveal various colours and history beneath?

That's what I did in this home and in the kitchen we revealed an old retro wallpaper design (see it here). Unfortunately I don't know a lot about the history of this house but my imagination took over when the top layers were pealed back to reveal the pattern. I imagined a 1950's housewife cooking dinner for her family, hair coiffed, nails immaculate in her then 'new' kitchen. The reality may be far different but nonetheless there are memories in this house for someone out there and now Robert and I are creating our own!

Do you know the history of your home? Do you have any special memories from your childhood home?

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I received an invitation to the launch of a new online store Hunting for George run by sister duo Lucy and Jo. Unfortunately I couldn't stay in Melbourne for the party but they both kindly met with me while I was in town.

I was shown their collection of hand picked clothing, scarves, accessories, prints and more, some of which have yet to hit their online store but I'm sure they aren't too far away from being listed. The sisters were so very warm and friendly (and so understanding even though I was embarrassingly late to meet them, eek!) and I was even given a little goodie bag with a gift inside. Oh, so sweet!

Lucy and Jo, THANK YOU for opening up your home to me. Have a look at their fabulous store here. Happy shopping!

(Product images Hunting For George)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashion Friday: Out and about town

Strolling down cobblestone streets, discovering new stores, new loves and living and breathing the city. That's what I tried to do during my weekend getaway. I picked the perfect of weekends too. The sun was out and it didn't feel like the usual Melbourne weather at all.

On a fashion related note, a year and a half later and I finally caved and purchased a jumpsuit. Most comfortable outfit ever!

PS. I still have a couple Melbourne posts to go. Please bear with me. There is lots to share!

(Photos taken by me and a friend)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival: RTW Trunk Show

I caught up with a friend in Melbourne and we made our way to Malvern Hall for the Ready To Wear Trunk Show. It was a sophisticated collection from local designers, my personal favourite being Not Your Daughter's Jeans for their high-waisted, pencil cropped jeans.

Designers included:

Body by Dainy Sawatzky
Cable Melbourne
John Cavill
Lisa Barron
Lisa Taranto
Not Your Daughter's Jeans

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hotel Tour: The Blackman

A friend recommended I stay at the newish boutique Art Series hotel The Blackman during my weekend trip and I'm so glad I did. I'm not sure if I was upgraded but the size of the room definitely didn't feel studio sized.

The furniture and decor is lovely. The Warren Platner dining table paired with Philippe Starck ghost chairs is my favourite feature of the room. Artworks by Charles Blackman cover the walls and there are mirrored rabbits in the corridors. If you happen to stay at this hotel, keep an eye out for them!

Monday, March 21, 2011

L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival: Paris Runway 6

Melbourne had a buzz about it I hadn't experienced before thanks to LMFF. When I wasn't at a show I was shopping and enjoying the city, the food, the weather and making new friends.

I arrived late on Friday night which gave me a little window to check-in, drop off my bags, gawk over the hotel room (I have photos!), make myself look human and hop into a taxi to the Paris Runway 6 fashion show.

Presented by frankie magazine, the roundup of designers included:

Alice McCall
Karen Walker
Kate Sylvester

Most of the collections were fairly 'safe' in terms of colour which is why it was a delight to see Karen Walkers' use of orange, Limedrops' green and Gormans' polkadots.. well, they made me smile.

The highlight of the evening though was catching up with Lady Smaggle and Poppy Gets a Life following the show. After a few drinks, we may or may not have ended the evening (or was it morning?) at the Supper Inn for a guilty late dinner. A great way to kick off the Melbourne weekend!







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