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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last year I was looking for a bicycle. I had visions of riding up to the nearest stores to pick up bread, milk, to drop off packages at the post office and so on. It seems like such a waste to have to hop into the car for these short trips. Of course there is the issue of how I would travel up there with Robert (I'm not sure I have the confidence to strap him in a bicycle baby seat) and the cost. You see, the bicycle I have my heart set on is this one:
The Electra Amsterdam Original. It is a good looking bicycle don't you think? I know I could buy a cheaper bicycle that would do the same job but I do like the curves of this one. I probably should buy a cheaper one actually because I'm not even sure I can ride a bike comfortably anymore. Is it true that you never forget? I haven't hopped onto a bike for years.

I suppose because I have been on the lookout for a bike I have noticed bicycle designs cropping up here and there. Here is a roundup of my favourites from Etsy and beyond.

Ferm Living (oh how glad I am to have come across this store!) have created a tea towel and pillow in this charming penny farthing design. I think the tea towel would look great framed too.

Now this is a clever idea. Spool and Sparrow's linen pillow has a lovely bicycle block-printed onto the front and if you are after a different look you can flip it onto the other side to display the Eames rocker instead. Available in a scarlet colour too and with a different chair on the reverse side.

AceroStudio have added their little bicycle design to plates, soap dispensers, salt and pepper shakers and other ceramics. They also have vintage camera designs on some of their products which I'm coveting.

VitalHome's range of screen printed glasses would be great for a summer party, don't you think? I only wish they shipped to Australia. They may if you ask nicely but they warn that shipping may be expensive.

I have mentioned kikki.K's Cykel collection previously but there are products I hadn't seen listed on their website before. How could I have missed the bicycle tote bag and the paper clips?? They may very well have to come home with me next time I visit this store.

ChalkChalk is owned by Sharon Montrose's husband who drew these bicycles on a chalkboard at home. One thing led to another and now they are for sale in his store as prints and some as originals.

I really can't get enough. Are you a bicycle fan too?







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