Monday, May 3, 2010


I really did have a weekend full of nothing at all and it was wonderful. How was yours?

Robert was given a tepee as a birthday gift and I finally got around to setting it up in his room for him. We spent most of the weekend hiding away in here. I scattered a few cushions and laid down a blanket and we played games, had lunch, rang the bell a millions times and even had a little nap in the tepee.

The tent is much bigger than I thought it would be and it took me a few tries setting it up and rearranging the room to get it to fit but in the end it did... just. If you are interested in a tepee, this one is from here and comes in other colours too.

Another little update to his room is moving the circus party print I made for his 1st birthday party onto his dresser and I also attached the ribbon around the lampshades with just a dab of glue so that I can remove it in the future without ruining the shades.


  1. How adorable Vyv, such a great idea for his room! I love your white chest of drawers too. I have been looking for something similar - where did you get them from? Rachel xx

  2. oh my goodness nothing is cuter! i love it.

  3. Sooooo cute!! He is a little stud! xx

  4. Teepee looks gorgeous Viv! Well done!! I've got my daughters first bday coming up and im at a loss as to what to get her to make is special? Any ideas?

    Little Sooti

    PS: Love the circus party print, do you sell them?

  5. That teepee looks so sweet in his room. Looks like the perfect cozy place to play, read, nap... I'm going to see if they have a stockist in Europe!

  6. I know this would be a little childish for a 15 year old but I would love a Tepee in my own room soon!

  7. My girls were given the same teepee for christmas and they love it. It's definitley not as easy to put up as they said but well worth it. We were doing a fair bit of carting it between the toyroom and backyard so we screwed the top and just keep it all together with a pretty scarf, works much better. I hope your little man has hours of fun in there.

  8. That is so adorable. I've been looking for a teepee like that to replace the jumble of blankets that form make do tents in our living room for an age. I wonder if I can find one in England?

    Your son is very handsome too!

  9. Wowh, love the tepee! Fits perfect in Robert's room! He must just be so happy with his own little hiding spot!
    Nice detail you put on the lap shades!
    Glad to read that you had a relaxing weekend, here it was pretty busy with guests arriving, leaving again & new guests arriving... & a birthda to celebrate...
    Wishing you a lovely week!
    Bisous from Versailles, Chantal

  10. Oh my son loved cubbys and special hiding places. The tippe looks gorgeous. I am sure he will love this for many years to come:)

  11. Thanks Rachel. I bought it a couple of years ago from Snooze.

    Little Sooti - I certainly can if anyone is interested in one!

    cutlex - you are never too old for a tepee!

    Danielle - it wasn't easy was it? I thought it was just me. Good tip about the scarf!

    Thanks for all your comments. We had a lot of fun with it x

  12. sigh... I wish for the same tepee as a 5 year old, growing up I want a tree house, at 17 I want my own loft, and now I want a tepee again for my baby!

  13. Ohh that looks fun at any age~ lucky boy!

  14. How adorable, and what a great addition to a little boy's room!

  15. Just off the point Viv, where is Robert's cardigan from??? Love it... (Jen)

  16. I had a fabulous weekend of eating too many desserts! What a darling little boy and bedroom! I love the striped circus tent. So cute!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  17. Jen, it's from Seed Child: www.seedchild.com.au

    It doesn't look like it is available any longer but they've got lots of other great stuff.

  18. Love, love this Teepee! I need to get one for Kenzie!! He is getting so big by the way!

  19. I cannot wait to be a mom for this very reason! All those times I wished to be a little Indian :)

  20. Thanks so much Viv...

  21. That Tepee is just too cute! Do you happen to know where it is from?

    Also I LOVE the white and yellow cushion that is inside the tepee. It is just the kind of cushion I am after. I'd love to know where I can get one!!

  22. Amanda, the tepee is from An Angel at my Table: www.anangelatmytable.com.au

    The cushion is by SunnyLIFE: http://www.sunnylife.com.au/products/outdoor-living/cushions/throw-cushion/kawaii/

    It looks like it is out of stock but there may be other stockists that still have them.

  23. Awesome! Thanks Viv! I'll have to try and track those cushions down!

  24. Great blog... will be back for more.

  25. What a fabulous room, I love it. Nice and spacious! Can I ask, did you make or buy the memory box frame thinger propped up against the window, next to the circus poster? Are they badges inside it?

  26. Mikaela - I made it using an IKEA frame and button badges from Gumboots. You can see the step-by-step here:


  27. Robert's room looks wonderful Viv. I love the ribbon you've added to the lampshades.

  28. Gorgeous photo with the teepee.
    Hope you don't mind have shared http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5334333&id=21882718522
    All the best,


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