Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas decorating at ish and chi

I'm feeling it now. I really am. Christmas is right around the corner. My local post office tells me there are 10 more sleeps to go. They've been counting down for months.

We aren't putting our Christmas tree up this year. Robert would tear it down in an instant. I wanted the house to feel festive though, for him and us, so I decorated the dining table with Christmas gifts and goodies.

I also made the hanging bauble chandelier thing. Mine didn't turn out nearly as good as the pictures because I don't have enough baubles but at least it's something and Robert loves to point at it.

Decorating the dining table means we now have to eat TV dinners but never mind. Only 10 more sleeps to go and there are still lots of carols to be sung.

Pssst: There are some gifts on the table for YOU. I'll tell you more very soon.


  1. Hi Viv,
    Absolutely gorgeous! How did you stick the bauble chanderlier up on the ceiling? I love it may give it a go! Thanks Blair

  2. Hi Blair! There's a small hook I screwed into the ceiling and it is hanging from that xx

  3. Your gifts all look so pretty Viv! Love the way you've wrapped them. Little Robert is a cutie :)

  4. Oh, that last pic is really cute!

  5. Just Gorgeous...but the most gorgeous is that little Robert doing a Santa giggle..way too cute...how are you handling the little lads curiosity Viv?..now he can take off! :)

  6. Ohmygod. My Mom is gonna love those glass birdies! Your baby boy is really cute :] I feel happy that he's walking already!

  7. He's so much fun now that he can get around on his feet. When he really takes off he laughs which is what he's doing here. It's as though he's surprised he can do it. I have a whole series of photos like this with him walking and laughing, then falling, laughing some more then standing up and doing it again. Such a happy kid.

    Anna - He is a very curious kid. He gets into places and things I wouldn't even think of. Anything breakable is up high and we've protected all the corners. I'm so much more away of dangers around the home now than I ever have been in my life. How is your little man? Is he getting around on his feet now too?

  8. Tee hee hee..that all sounds way too familiar Viv..exactly how Jacq started off.
    Jacq started walking at around 10 and half months..he was an early starter..he is 15 months now....and has so much energy its unbelievable...so now its all about trying to jump ( which he cant..lol) stomping his feet..and climbing absolutely everything...more for you to look forward too :) Its precious though...so beautiful to chase after him at the park...walk along side him holding his hand..and not have to carry him everywhere..lol

  9. this is the first year in four years (our youngest is about to turn 2) that i can finally pop our 'proper' tree up again. and we're all loving it. sure mr 2 yr old is tempted by all the baubles and christmassy goodness, but i have put all the unbreakables on the bottom half of the tree. your practical christmas decorating is absolutely gorgeous....so is the toddling little boy! cheers!!

  10. Go Jacq! Clever boy starting early. So cute that he is trying to jump now too. It's fascinating to see all the little changes as they grow, become more curious and learn more about their bodies can do. I bet I'm in for a workout when Robert starts running around the house.

  11. Shelley Trbuhovich - Congratulations on Mr 2 turning 2 soon! I bet he is mesmerised by the tree.. and the baubles :) Next year I think I'll put ours up and do as you have done - breakables up high.

  12. Love how you decorated your table. So festive and definately stylish! And your little boy is absolutely adorable!

  13. Go Robbie Go! What a cutie.

    Your presents look beautiful. We can't put any gifts under the tree this year as a certain little person is a bit present-opening-crazy.

    My Mum did the bauble hanging last year, and I loved it. I can't wait to see what she does this year. :)

  14. Very beautiful :)

    Hehe and how proud is he :)

  15. That's an awesome idea for an above-the-table decoration--though the red one is gorgeous, I adore yours even more. Now you've got me wondering if I have enough one-color ornaments to give this a try this year... Or if I'll just have to hit the sales and make it happen next!

    And what a cutie pie he is, having such a grand time walking.

  16. I like your gifts on the dining room table. You've made a very gorgeous display. I celebrate Hanukkah, so I always pile gifts on the floor and a dining room chair next to my china cabinet. I really like this display of yours. Something for me to think about for next year. Your little boy is a cutie pie!

  17. That ball chandelier is to die for. How did you ever get them so perfectly aligned like that? That is master skill!

    Love all of your decor.

  18. Thanks everyone! :)

    Mrs Limestone - it KILLED my arm to hold them all and slowly pull each one down so they were all sitting nicely. I had to do it a few times before I got it right.

    The bauble chandelier makes me wish I had a real chandelier/light fitting over the dining table. Something to think about in the new year perhaps.

    If anyone gives this a try at home I'd love to see how yours turns out! xx

  19. Gorgeous wrapping! I love craft paper:)
    And those ornaments hanging from the ceiling are just fabulous!

  20. your son is the cutest!! :) you need to get the man a little elf costume!! :)

    and the decorations look so festive, without a tree!! yes i am without a tree too and desperately trying my best to have that christmas feeling without spending too much!

    i went to Freedom yesterday and they had these $19.95 Christmas branch lights... I wanted 50 of them, but husband injected some reality check with "honey we're MOVING" :P

  21. Just discovered your blog. I'll be spending some quality time going through older posts. Can you please give a tutorial on how you made bauble chandelier? Or a link to the instructions? I'm sure others would be interested also.

  22. Would love to know how you suspended the bauble chandelier from the ceiling! :)

  23. Mary - I've taken it down but it was really easy to put together. I just tied long fishing wire through each of the baubles with a knot at the loop of the bauble and then tied all the fishing wires together with a knot at the top.

    The trick was to hold each of the baubles together in the final position you want them. It is easiest to do if someone holds them for you and you pull each of the baubles down until they all sit together nicely and then tie the knot at the top.

    Keep in mind that fishing wire stretches over time with the weight of the baubles so some will drop a little but I still think it looks beautiful and not too 'perfect'. Hope what I've written makes sense!

    Lovely Little Nest - I threaded the top knot through a small hook I fixed to the ceiling.

  24. Love your blog! These pictures are very cute



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